Biology of the Inner Ear: Experimental and Analytical Approaches

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Course Date: August 6 – August 28, 2019 Apply Here

Deadline: April 24, 2019

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Directors: Ruth Anne Eatock, University of Chicago; Andy Groves, Baylor College of Medicine; and Philip Joris, KU Leuven

Financial Information: All costs of participating in this course, including partial support for travel, will be provided.

Course Description

Packed within the inner ear are the tiny sense organs for detecting sound, and head and body movements, which are essential for social communication and our ability to move efficiently through the world. The structure of each end-organ and its mechanosensory hair cells and innervating neurons are specified to capture different stimulus qualities. The Biology of the Inner Ear Course (BIE) course is designed to address the particular challenges of studying the scarce, difficult-to-reach components of the inner ear, to provide the analytical framework to understand inner ear function, and to explore that function at the systems level. This three-week multi-disciplinary course provides instruction and hands-on laboratory training in cutting-edge techniques and specialized methods to meet the special challenges of inner ear biology. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of inner ear research through lectures, research seminars, roundtable discussions, and side-by-side interactions with faculty in the laboratory. The course fosters future inner ear investigation, emphasizing not just what is known, but also the opportunities for discovery, innovation, and translation into better understanding of the inner ear. The course is designed to accommodate a relatively small number of students and is suitable for individuals with backgrounds in the biological, chemical, physical/computational sciences, and medicine.

The laboratory takes a comparative approach to illustrate the commonalities and specific lessons available from fish to mammals. Techniques taught range from the methods of molecular, cell and developmental biology, to single unit and field potential recording in the auditory nerve and brainstem. There is an emphasis on high resolution fluorescence microscopy of inner ear tissues.

Over 30 leading inner-ear scientists participate in teaching the BIE course. This offers students the unique opportunity to interact with, learn from, and form connections with some of the most highly regarded scientists in the field.

2017 Course Faculty & Lecturers

Ashmore, Jonathan, University College London
Barr-Gillespie, Peter G., Oregon Health & Science University
Carr, Catherine, University of Maryland
Corwin, Jeff, University of Virginia
Dabdoub, Alain, Sunnybrook Research Institute/University of Toronto
Daudet, Nicolas, University College London
Deans, Michael R., University of Utah
Della Santina, Charlie, Johns Hopkins University
Eatock, Ruth Anne, University of Chicago
Fettiplace, Robert, University of Wisconsin
Fuchs, Paul, Johns Hopkins
Geleoc, Gwenaelle S., Boston Children’s Hospital
Glowatzki, Elisabeth, Johns Hopkins University
Groves, Andrew K., Baylor College of Medicine
Hartman, Byron H., Stanford University
Heller, Stefan, Stanford University
Hertzano, Ronna P., University of Maryland School of Medicine
Holstein, Gay, Mt. Sinai, New York
Hoy, Ron, Cornell University
Hudspeth, Albert J., Rockefeller University
Joris, Philip X., KU Leuven
Kandler, Karl, University of Pittsburgh
Kaur, Tejbeer , Washington University School of Medicine
Kelley, Matthew W., National Institutes of Health
Kenna, Margaret, Harvard University
Kindt, Katie S., National Institutes of Health
Lauer, Amanda, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute
Lu, Hsin-Wei, University of Leuven
Lustig, Lawrence R., Columbia University
Lysakowski, Anna, University of Illinois at Chicago
Minor, Lloyd, Stanford University
Mooney, Aran, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Mooney, Richard, Duke University
Nowak, Nathaniel J., Johns Hopkins University
Reiss, Lina A., Oregon Health & Science University
Ramirez, Omar, University of Chicago
Richardson, Guy P., University of Sussex
Rowsell, Jennifer, Saint Mary’s College
Salvi, Richard J., SUNY Buffalo
Sanes, Dan, New York University
Scheibinger, Mirko, Stanford University School of Medicine
Schrode, Katrina, Johns Hopkins
Serrano, Elba, New Mexico State University
Trapani, Josef G., Amherst College
Walters, Bradley J., University of Mississippi
Warchol, Mark E., Washington University School of Medicine
Wu, Doris, National Institutes of Health
Young, Eric D., Johns Hopkins University