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Please note that we are committed to offering the 2021 program, either on site at the Marine Biological Laboratory or virtually, depending on the conditions in the summer of 2021. Our 2020 summer program was postponed due to COVID and seven of our ten students accepted in 2020 have elected to return in 2021. That, unfortunately, only leaves three open positions for the summer of 2021. One of our program’s goals is to recruit at least 50% of our students during their first or second year of college. Therefore, to maintain this balance, we will only be accepting first or second year students for our limited openings in 2021. As many students arrive at college with various AP or college credits that confuse the traditional freshman and sophomore classifications, we will limit applications to students that have completed no more than 4 semesters at a 4-year college by the summer of 2021. We are sorry to limit opportunities. However, the program is fully funded through the summer of 2023 and we anticipate the admissions process will revert to normal for 2022.

For detailed information about the program, please click HERE and for frequently asked questions about the program, please click HERE.

For examples of undergraduate research projects, please review the abstracts listed below.

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