SES accepts students from any college or university in different ways depending on their affiliation. The total cost for 2024 is $37,433 including tuition ($26,368), fees for text books and lab expenses ($900), and housing and meals ($10,165).

1) Students attending affiliated institutions receive credit directly through their institution. More than fifty colleges and universities have approved the SES for credit. View participating colleges here.

2) University of Chicago undergraduate students may attend SES directly through their course offerings. These courses are Ecology (BIOS 27710), Biogeochemical Analysis in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems (BIOS 27711), Independent Undergraduate Research in Environmental Sciences (BIOS 27712) and one elective either Quantitative Environmental Analyses (BIOS 27713) or Methods in Microbial Ecology (BIOS 27714). More information can be found on the UChicago SES site.

3) Students from non-affiliated colleges and universities are welcome to participate in the SES. In some cases, credit approval may be available from their own college and can be worked out between the student and the academic office. Students from non-affiliated colleges and universities may receive credit from the University of Chicago. After acceptance into the program, students will fill out an application to matriculate at the University of Chicago as a student-at-large. The student will then be registered at the university for the semester and receive grades and transcript from the university. Students should confirm that the registrar at their home institution will accept the University of Chicago courses as transfer credit.

If you have any difficulty with the online application, please contact the SES Admissions Office by phone 508-289-7777, or email

The complete application should include:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • An official transcript
  • Completed application and uploaded information forms

Official transcripts may be uploaded or sent electronically from your college or university to

Semester in Environmental Science
Marine Biological Laboratory

7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA