MBL March Madness

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Credit: Emily Greenhalgh

Voting as closed for the third annual MBL March Madness. Thank you to everyone who participated. This has been a March Madness to remember!

Rotifer put up a good fight, but with more than 270,000 votes the AXOLOTL is crowned MBL GOAT (Greatest Organism of All Time)!
The AXOLOTL wins the 2023 MBL March Madness with more than 270,000 votes

Meet Your Champion

With more than 270,000 total votes, the Axolotl is crowned MBL GOAT (Greatest Organism of All Time)!


Axolotl crowned MBL March Madness Champion
Axolotl is crowned 2023 MBL March Madness Champion.
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Credit: Marine Biological Laboratory / BioQuest Studios / Nguyen Khoi Nguyen
Two Divisions Compete For Victory:
Returning Champions Division - Axolotl, Comb Jelly, Horseshoe Crab, Lesser Pacific Striped Octopus

The first and second place winners from the first two MBL March Madness are back this year in their own division. These fan favorites help scientists at the MBL and around the world unlock the secrets of regeneration, locomotion, and fundamental biology. Who will represent the Returning Champions division in the finals? You decide!

Meet the members of the Returning Champions Division

Axolotl  (Ambystoma mexicanum)
Comb Jelly  (Mnemiopsis leidyi)
Atlantic Horseshoe Crab   (Limulus polyphemus)
Lesser Pacific Striped Octopus  (Octopus chierchiae)


New Research Organisms Division - Bat Sea Star, Rotifer, Hummingbird Bobtail Squid, Sea Lamprey

From single-celled organisms to complex vertebrates, scientists make use of many different organisms to help answer questions fundamental to biology and human health. The MBL is committed to expanding the range of organisms used as biological models and create the next generation of genetically tractable aquatic research organisms. The four contests in this division represent some of these new research organisms.

Meet the members of the New Research Organisms Division

Bat Sea Star  (Patiria miniata)
Rotifer  (Brachionus manjavacas)
Hummingbird Bobtail Squid  (Euprymna berryi)
Sea Lamprey  (Petromyzon marinus)