MBL scientist Jessica Mark Welch is interviewed for this feature.

When we talk about the microbiome — the Marvel Cinematic Universe of microorganisms living within and on our bodies — the gut tends to take center stage. It isn’t without merit — research shows that the trillions of microbial belly dwellers are central to mental health, fighting cancer, sleep, and much more.

But we’ve got microbes hunkering down on just about any bodily surface they can reach. While we’ve still yet to uncover exactly how these diverse microbial niches impact human health and well-being, scientists are unraveling some insights on the microbiome smack dab in the middle of our faces.

In fact, this nose, or nasal, microbiome may play an important role in shaping our immune response to respiratory infections like the flu and Covid-19. And just as an unstable gut microbiome is linked to illness, pesky bacteria in our schnozzes may be tied to asthma and maybe even neurodegenerative diseases. If we can nail down exactly how these diverse microbial niches impact our health, perhaps we can figure out how to keep our nose microbes healthy and in turn, prevent some of the common respiratory infections that start where these microscopic beings call home. Read rest of the article here.

Source: Your nose has a microbiome -- does it hold the key to ridding respiratory infections forever? | Inverse