Ecosystems Undergraduates Explore the Craft of Science Writing

An SES student's blog post on "The Invisible Footprint of Nitrogen" is illustrated by a NASA photo of the moon and Earth's atmosphere as seen from the International Space Station. Credit: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center on Flickr

How can we engage, inform and entertain the public through writing about science? Students in the MBL Semester in Environmental Science explore the craft of science writing in a weekly seminar taught by journalist Claudia Geib. The students learn how to interview scientists, write short news stories, and produce a long-form feature as a final project. Along the way, they learn from guest experts including podcast producers, documentary filmmakers, investigative journalists, and institutional science writers who share their experience and expertise in this diverse field.

Explore some of the students' writing on the SES Science Journalism Blog! Apply for the 2023 Semester in Environmental Science by March 21.