Eight Environmental Projects to Watch in 2023 on Cape Cod | Cape Cod Times

Eel Pond flooding onto School Street in Woods Hole during Hurricane Carol in 1954. Credit: Oliver B Brown, Courtesy Woods Hole Historical Museum

Among the projects listed in this article is Resilient Woods Hole, a private-public initiative to prepare the village for climate change impacts. MBL is a partner in the initiative.

Rising sea levels, worsening water quality, deteriorating beaches, dying fish, blooms of toxic algae: Cape Cod has no shortage of environmental challenges. Luckily, it also has no shortage of concerned people ready to roll up their sleeves and meet the challenges head on.

The new year will bring numerous projects, both new and ongoing, aimed at studying and mitigating the impacts of climate change and other stressors on the Cape Cod environment. Read rest of the story here.

Source: Here are 8 environmental projects to watch in 2023 on Cape Cod | The Cape Cod Times