WOODS HOLE — While Woods Hole, a village in the southwest tip of Falmouth, is known worldwide as a hub of ocean research, exploration, and education, it's lacking in aspects of racial diversity, said Onjalé Scott Price.

"Woods Hole is a predominantly white, predominantly male-dominated community in the sciences," Scott Price, co-director of the Woods Hole Partnership Education Program, said. "We want to give students, who may not traditionally come to Woods Hole, an opportunity to come here and do research."

Falmouth, which has a year-round population of 33,000, is 92.3% white alone, in the census category of race and Hispanic origin. 

Which is why the Partnership Education Program, known as PEP, was launched in 2009, through the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative and the Woods Hole Diversity Advisory Committee. The program is sponsored by Woods Hole scientific institutions, participating college and universities and a handful of other partners. Read rest of article

Source: Facing Adversity, Science-Minded College Students Bring Diversity to Woods Hole | Cape Cod Times