Hari Shroff: The Science & Play of Imaging | NIH Speaking of Science Podcast

MBL Fellow Hari Shroff with a microscope he designed in MBL's Lillie Laboratory in 2017. Credit: Diana Kenney

"[The cell] really is like a galaxy of information writ small .. There is a whole world in there," says MBL Fellow Hari Shroff, who credits taking the MBL Physiology course for the inspiration to build better and better microscopes to see the subcellular world. Shroff is beginning a new position at HHMI/Janelia as a senior group leader in Molecular Tools and Imaging on August 15.

NASA recently unveiled the first images of the cosmos taken by the James Webb Telescope. But while astronomers point their instruments up to peer into the stars, microscopists like Dr. Hari Shroff are focusing their gaze down to capture life on Earth. As chief of the Section on High Resolution Optical Imaging at the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), Dr. Shroff engineers new microscopes to render the invisibly small in new and improved resolution.

Check out his lab’s recent publication to learn more about their work and see sample images. Listen to podcast or read transcript here.

Source: Dr. Hari Shroff — The Science and Play of Super Resolution Imaging | NIH-IRP Speaking of Science Podcast