NEON Remembers Jianwu (Jim) Tang | Observatory Blog

Jim Tang was instrumental in creating the Global Ecosystem Research Infrastructure (GERI) initiative to federate data from the large-scale ecological networks to advance macrosystem ecology. Above, a 2019 GERI workshop; Tang is standing 6th from left.

The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), operated by the U.S. National Science Foundation, published this remembrance of the late Jianwu (Jim) Tang, senior scientist in the MBL Ecosystems Center.

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Jianwu (Jim) Tang this January. He was a respected senior scientist at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Ecosystems Center (University of Chicago), Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Tang was a creative thinker who always had ideas on how to push our scientific understanding forward. He had a natural ability to discuss complex science and to enthusiastically engage those around him, whether it be an elementary school student or expert. He possessed a gentle spirit and listened to and respected everyone around him. Tang was always eager to help in any way he could, and he saw the value in collaborations from individual research projects, to networks, to the global context.

We want to honor and remember Jianwu by recognizing some of his contributions to the National Ecological Observatory Network. He…

  • led working groups that envisioned the original NEON design and scientific concepts.
  • was a leader in characterizing NEON soils across the continental U.S., water release curves through the soil profile, and (novel) diffusivity constants as a function of soil water for >60 sites that span the U.S. and 12 soil orders. Read rest of the story here.

Source: NEON Remembers Jianwu (Jim) Tang | Observatory Blog