New Publications: December 2022

Every month, research from MBL scientists and affiliates is published in academic journals across the globe. In December 2022, three new studies were published. MBL-affiliated authors are in bold.

Our list of recent publications is updated weekly at:

December 2022

Matute, J., Duan, J., Flak, M., Griebel, P., Tascon-Arcila, J., Doms, S., Hanley, T., Antanaviciute, A., Gundrum, J., Mark Welch, J. L., Sit, B., Abtahi, S., Fuhler, G., Grootjans, J., Tran, F., Stengel, S., White, J., Krupka, N., Haller, D., Clare, S., Lawley, T. D., Kaser, A., Simmons, A., Glickman, J. N., Bry, L., Rosenstiel, P., Borisy, G., Waldor, M. K., Baines, J. F., Turner, J. R., & Blumberg, R. (2022). Intelectin-1 binds and alters the localization of the mucus barrier–modifying bacterium Akkermansia muciniphila. Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Rodriguez, F., & Arkhipova, I. (2022). An Overview of Best Practices for Transposable Element Identification, Classification, and Annotation in Eukaryotic Genomes. In Transposable Elements (Vol. 2607, pp. 1–23). Humana Press.

Spurrell, M., Oulhen, N., Foster, S., Perillo, M., & Wessel, G. (2023). Gene regulatory divergence amongst echinoderms underlies appearance of pigment cells in sea urchin development. Developmental Biology.

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