New Publications: May 2022

(Updated July 14, 2022) Every month, research from MBL scientists and affiliates is published in academic journals across the globe. In May 2022, 14 new studies were published. MBL-affiliated authors are in bold.

Our list of recent publications is updated weekly at:

May 2022

Albertin, C. B., Medina-Ruiz, S., Mitros, T., Schmidbaur, H., Sanchez, G., Wang, Z. Y., Grimwood, J., Rosenthal, J. J. C., Ragsdale, C. W., Simakov, O., & Rokhsar, D. S. (2022). Genome and transcriptome mechanisms driving cephalopod evolution. Nature Communications.

Bachy, C., Sudek, L., Choi, C. J., Eckmann, C. A., Nöthig, E.-M., Metfies, K., & Worden, A. Z. (2022). Phytoplankton surveys in the Arctic Fram Strait demonstrate the tiny eukaryotic alga Micromonas and other picoprasinophytes contribute to deep sea export. Microorganisms. 

Cardon, Z. G., Peredo, E. L., Enloe, C. M., Oakey, J. S., Wu, S.-Z., & Bezanilla, M. (2022). Slip slidin’ away: bristle-driven gliding by Tetradesmus deserticola (chlorophyta) in microfluidic chamber. Journal of Phycology.

Chaouni, B., Idrissi Azami, A., Essayeh, S., Arrafiqui, E., Bailal, A., Raoui, S., Amzazi, S., Twaddle, A., El Hamouti, C., Boukhatem, N., Timinouni, M., El Otmani, F., Chahboune, R., Barrijal, S., El Homani, A., Nejjari, C., Zaid, E., Hamamouch, N., Bakkali, F., Amaral-Zettler, L., Ghazal, H. (2022). Moroccan Lagoon Microbiomes. Water, 14(11), 1715.

Kalia, N., Hauser, K., Burton, S., Hossainey, M., Zelle, M., Horb, M., & Grayfer, L. (2022). Endogenous retroviruses augment amphibian (Xenopus laevis) tadpole antiviral protection. Journal of Virology, e00634–e00622. 

Klasek, S., Brock, M., Calder, W., Morrison, H., Weinig, C., & Maïgnien, L. (2022). Spatiotemporal heterogeneity and intragenus variability in rhizobacterial associations with Brassica rapa growth. MSystems.

Lebeaux, R., Madan, J., Nguyen, Q., Coker, M., Dade, E., Moroishi, Y., Palys, T., Ross, B., Pettigrew, M., Morrison, H., Karagas, M., & Hoen, A. (2022). Impact of antibiotics on off-target infant gut microbiota and resistance genes in cohort studies. Pediatric Research. 

Petrosino, G., Ponte, G., Volpe, M., Zarrella, I., Ansaloni, F., Langella, C., Di Cristina, G., Finaurini, S., Russo, M., Basu, S., Musacchia, F., Ristoratore, F., Pavlinic, D., Benes, V., Ferrante, M., Albertin, C., Simakov, O., Gustincich, S., Fiorito, G., & Sanges, R. (2022). Identification of LINE retrotransposons and long non-coding RNAs expressed in the octopus brain. BMC Biology. 

Rastetter, E., Kwiatkowski, B., Kicklighter, D., Plotkin, A., Genet, H., Nippert, J., O’Keefe, K., Perakis, S., Porder, S., Roley, S., Ruess, R., Thompson, J., Wieder, W., Wilcox, K., & Yanai, R. (2022). N and P constrain C in ecosystems under climate change: role of nutrient redistribution, accumulation, and stoichiometry. Ecological Applications, e2684. 

Sanders‐DeMott, R., Eagle, M., Kroeger, K., Wang, F., Brooks, T., Suttles, J., Nick, S., Mann, A., & Tang, J. (2022). Impoundment increases methane emissions in Phragmites‐invaded coastal wetlands. Global Change Biology. 

Sun, D., Bredeson, J., Bruce, H., & Patel, N. (2022). Identification and classification of cis-regulatory elements in the amphipod crustacean Parhyale hawaiensis. Development. 

Thomsen, E., Herbeck, L., Teichberg, M., Wang, D. R., Chen, S.-Q., & Jennerjahn, T. C. (2022). Species-specific phenotypic plasticity of two tropical seagrass species in response to in situ fertilisation under different trophic conditions. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 270.

van Daalen, S. F., Hernandez, C. M., Caswell, H., Neubert, M. G., & Gribble, K. E. (2022). The contributions of maternal age heterogeneity to variance in lifetime reproductive output. American Naturalist. 

Walker, S. E., & Echeverri, K. (2022). Spinal cord regeneration—The origins of progenitor cells for functional rebuilding. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development. 


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