New RNA Editor Boasts Increased Versatility, Safety | The Transmitter

A new twist on CRISPR: The bacterial protein DisCas7-11, shown here, can power a highly efficient tool for editing RNA. Credit: Omar Abudayyeh

"If this technology can really be harnessed efficiently, it could be ground-breaking," states MBL Senior Scientist Joshua Rosenthal in this news brief.

A new tool can make any type of edit—large or small—to RNA, vastly expanding the scope of the approach overall, researchers say. More adaptable and efficient than its predecessors, the technique is aptly dubbed Programmable RNA Editing & Cleavage for Insertion, Substitution, and Erasure—or PRECISE, for short.

PRECISE enables “nuanced and precise genetic manipulation,” co-lead investigator Omar Abudayyeh, a fellow at the Massachusetts of Technology (MIT), wrote in an email to The Transmitter. “Researchers can now investigate the effects of various edits, including those that were previously challenging or impossible to achieve, such as large deletions or insertions, facilitating deeper insights into gene regulation, expression, and the impact of mutations on cellular functions.” Read more here.

Source: New RNA editor boasts increased versatility, safety | The Transmitter