New Schmidt Futures Postdoctoral Fellowships to Foster AI-Driven Scientists

A scene from the MBL's Deep Learning in Biological Imaging course. Credit: Anh Phuong Le

Artificial intelligence is now all around us, powering everyday tasks in finance, advertising and entertainment. But the promise of AI for fueling new scientific discoveries is only just beginning. AI, machine learning and related approaches can augment scientists’ ability to probe the greatest mysteries in the natural world, accelerating experiments and opening new areas of knowledge.

A new University of Chicago initiative, the Eric and Wendy Schmidt AI in Science Postdoctoral Fellowship, a program of Schmidt Futures, will train the next generation of scientists combining research in both AI and science fields, including physics, astronomy and biology.

The UChicago fellowship, part of a $148 million initiative announced today, will launch in January 2023 with its first cohort of postdoctoral researchers. Over the next five years, the fellowship will fund more than 50 early-career researchers working at the intersection of AI and science and engineering at UChicago and its affiliated laboratories, including the Marine Biological Laboratory. Read rest of story here.

Application information is here.

Source: New Schmidt Futures fellowship at UChicago to foster next generation of AI-driven scientists | University of Chicago News