Person of the Week: Kendra Buresch | WMVY Radio

Girls exploring at the Science + Nature summer camp on Penikese Island. Credit: Penikese Island School

In this radio segment, MBL's Kendra Buresch talks about the Science + Nature Summer Camp for middle-school girls she helped to launch on Penikese Island, off the coast of Woods Hole, through the Penikese Island School.

Women scientists from Woods Hole and Martha's Vineyard come to the camp to guide the girls  and encourage their interest in science and other STEAM fields. 

"It's amazing to me to have all this wild beauty here, and also to have this big scientific community so close by," Buresch says. "The idea is to have the girls in that landscape, where you can see unspoiled nature all around you. It puts you in a different mindset, to be there and unplugged for a week. We hope the girls have a similar feeling of connection to the island that so many of us have," says Buresch, who is lab manager for MBL Senior Scientist Roger Hanlon.

Registration for the camp opens March 1!

Source: Person of the Week | WMVY Radio on Soundcloud