Forget "Jaws": The remarkable wound-healing power of shark skin could end up helping humans, new research claims.

Shark skin is coated with a special film of mucus that more closely resembles mucus generated by people than that generated by other types of fish, noted researchers at Sweden's Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm.

They conducted their investigation at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Wood's Hole, Mass., and reported their findings recently in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

It's long been known that sharks have an unusual ability to quickly heal and recover from wounds, explained researchers Jakob Wikström, an associate professor of dermatology and principal investigator at Karolinska, and his colleague, senior study author Etty Bachar-Wikström. Read rest of the article here.

Source: Sharks' Amazing Ability to Heal From Wounds Might Help Humans | US News & World Report