Welcome to the 2024 Grass Fellows

Tardigrades are one of the organisms studied by this year's cohort of Grass Fellows. Credit: Philippe Garcelon via CC 2.0 license

The Grass Fellowship program brings early-career investigators to the MBL for 14 weeks to pursue a self-designed, independent research project in neuroscience. The Grass Foundation provides full support for the fellows, who become part of the vibrant intellectual and social dynamic within the MBL scientific community while sharing space in the Grass Laboratory.

We're proud to announce the 2024 Grass Fellows:

Andrea Gaede, Royal Veterinary College, University of London
Visual Control of Flight Maneuverability in Gliding Tree Frogs

Guilherme Gainett, Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard University
The Genomic Basis of Visual System Development in the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab 

Ana Lyons, University of California, San Francisco
Advancing Tardigrades as an Emerging Model for Systems-level Neuroscience: Pioneering Imaging Techniques and Transgenics for Functional Neural Mapping 

Hannah Martin, University of Chicago
Physiological Examinations of Putative Mechanosensory Cells in the Avian Lumbosacral Organ     

Chenjie Shen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Explore Potential Ortholog of Fragile X Protein and Elucidate its Regulatory Function on ADAR-mediated RNA Editing within Cephalopods 

Aalok Varma, University of California, San Diego
Exploring the Impact of Climate Change on Coleoid Cephalopods

Fabian Vergara-Ovalle, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Immediate Early Genes in Octopus Learning and Memory

Dennis Weingarten, Oregon Health & Science University
Sour Patch: Electrophysiological Study of Synaptic Transmission during Hypercapnia in the Lamprey

Research abstracts for the fellows are here. This year’s Grass Lab is directed by Elva Diaz of University of California Davis. The associate director is Oscar Arenas Sabogal of the University of California, Berkeley.

Grass Fellows 2024
The 2023 Grass Fellows dressed up for the Woods Hole Fourth of July Parade.