Agreement for the Distribution of Oceanic Flux Program Sediment Trap Material

Use of the OFP database for research and education is encouraged. Given the heavy demands on the limited quantities of OFP material, the samples are distributed to collaborative researchers under the following agreements:

  • Given the irreplaceable value of the OFP flux material, the OFP does not provide samples for method development purposes and also may consider the ability of your lab to successfully conduct the proposed analyses.
  • A short description of the analysis made on the sample material will be provided for our records.
  • The material will be analyzed and any unused material (if significant) will be returned.
  • The data if of sufficient quality will be published, preferably in a major journal. Proper acknowledgement of the OFP program will be discussed when the paper is in preparation. Generally, in cases where OFP data comprise a major thrust of the paper, co-authorship is requested. If data are ancillary to the paper, an acknowledgement is adequate.
  • The acknowledgement of the OFP time-series and NSF support is requested and expected in all presentations and publications.
  • The data, if not published, will be provided or made available to other researchers if requested.

The intent of this agreement is to ensure that the material is put to the best possible use, and that we have a complete record of the investigations which have been supported by the OFP and the results of these investigations. This information is to facilitate interactions among researchers with complementary interests and to provide documentation for future funding of the OFP time-series.

Let me know if you agree to the above, what samples you are requesting, and the minimum amount of material that is required for your analyses. Again, please remember that some quantities are extremely limited so you may need to run a few preliminary samples to determine the minimum sample size required for your analyses.