Full Name
Caroline Albertin

Hibbitt Early Career Fellow

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Contact Information
Ph.D., Integrative Biology, University of Chicago, 2016
Masters, Integrative Biology, University of Chicago, 2012
Masters, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, 2009
B.A., Biology and French, Mount Holyoke College, 2005
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Research Area

Octopuses are fantastically weird animals: they have flexible, sucker-lined arms, three hearts, blue blood, and skin that can change color and texture in the blink of an eye. They also have the largest invertebrate nervous system, and complex camera-type eyes to rival our own. To better understand how octopuses and their cephalopod cousins, the squid and the cuttlefish, make these amazing and strange bodies, we can dive into their DNA, looking for genes that may be responsible for different features. We can then study how these genes are expressed to better understand their role in building the body plan.

Selected Publications

Crawford, K, Quiroz JFD, Koenig KM, Ahuja N, Albertin CB, Rosenthal JJR. 2020. Highly efficient knockout of a squid pigmentation gene. Current Biology. 30:3484-3490

Albertin CB, Simakov O. 2020. Cephalopod biology: at the intersection between genomic and organismal novelties. Annual Reviews of Animal Biosciences. 8:1.

Albertin CB, Simakov O, Mitros T, Wang YZ, Pungor JR, Edsinger-Gonzalez E, Brenner S, Ragsdale CW, Rokhsar DS. 2015. The octopus genome and the evolution of cephalopod neural and morphological novelties. Nature. 524(7564):220-4.

Shigeno S, Parnaik R, Albertin CB, Ragsdale CW. 2015. Evidence for a cordal, not ganglionic, pattern of cephalopod brain neurogenesis. Zoological letters. 1(26)

Albertin CB, Bonnaud L, Brown CT, Crookes-Goodson WJ, de Fonseca RR, Di Cristo C, Dilkes BP, Edsinger-Gonzales E, Freeman RM Jr., Hanlon RT, Koenig KM, Lindgren AR, Martindale MQ, Minx P, Moroz LL, Nödl MT, Nyholm SV, Ogura A, Pungor JR, Rosenthal JJ, Schwarz EM, Shigeno S, Strugnell JM, Wollesen T, Zhang G, Ragsdale CW. 2012. Cephalopod genomics: A plan of strategies and organization. Standards of Genomic Science. 7(1):175-88