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Ph.D., Physics, University of Konstanz, Germany, 1981
Diplomphysiker (Master in Physics), Technical University Munich, Germany, 1976
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Our research is inspired by advanced optical methods for studying the architectural dynamics in living cells. We are developing polarized light microscopy techniques, including the LC-PolScope, for the analysis of dynamic molecular order directly in living cells with unprecedented sensitivity, resolution, and speed. Based on polarization measurements, we gain insight into submicroscopic structural parameters and non-invasively create contrast where native structures are otherwise invisible. We seek interdisciplinary collaborations to conduct research in physical optics for the interpretation of image content and in computational methods for image enhancement and restoration. These physical and engineering projects are stimulated and guided by biological inquiries into the structural basis of cell function.

Meiosis in a primary spermatocyte of the crane fly, observed with the LC-PolScope
Meiosis in a primary spermatocyte of the crane fly, observed with the LC-PolScope

Polarized Light Field Microscopy
- Imaging Innovation Initiative

Rudolf Oldenbourg works with
Patrick J. La Riviere
Patrick La Riviere
University of Chicago
Selected Publications

Koike-Tani, M., Tominaga, T., Oldenbourg, R. and Tani, T. (2020). Birefringence Changes of Dendrites in Mouse Hippocampal Slices Revealed with Polarizing Microscopy. Biophys. J., 118(10):2366-2384.

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McQuilken, M., Jentzsch, M. S., Verma, A., Mehta, S. B., Oldenbourg, R., and Gladfelter, A. S. (2017). Analysis of Septin Reorganization at Cytokinesis Using Polarized Fluorescence Microscopy. Front Cell Dev Biol, 5:42.

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