The MBL Postdoctoral Association is a postdoc-led organization with the goal of: (1) providing support for all aspects of the postdoctoral training experience; (2) to serve as a liaison between postdoctoral trainees and the faculty and administration of MBL; and (3) to organize activities to foster a sense of community which promotes an environment of peer support.

2020 MBL PDA representatives:

Ecosystem Center: Sherlynette Pérez Castro
Bell Center: Hilary Katz
Bay Paul: Scott Klasek
Community Council: Cristina Román Vendrell
Diversity and Inclusion: Matthew Birk & Cristina Román Vendrell

Don’t hesitate to contact us either in person or through email at

Postdoc Events Calendar:

All MBL-PDA events postponed until further notice due to COVID-19.