MBL’s Emergency Management Program

MBL Emergency Management Plans provide the organizational framework and management processes for responding to events that could threaten the safety and continuation of the MBL mission of research and education. The objectives of these plans are to:

  • Enable effective communication and coordination throughout the MBL in emergency planning, response, and recovery;
  • Establish roles and responsibilities and an emergency management structure that is consistent with the National Incident Management System; and
  • Support risk management and mitigation through vulnerability analyses to reduce potential risk to safety or loss of property.

The emergency management program for the MBL is intended to cover a broad range of potential situations that could affect safety and the continuity of the education and research mission of the MBL.  It also establishes the management processes for responding to such events, including defining roles and responsibilities, activating and communicating with leaders, and organizing resources to address emergency conditions.


Emergency Management Plan
Severe Weather Preparedness Plan
Residential Evacuation Plan
Spill Prevention and Countermeasure Plan

The MBL emergency program includes other detailed operational plans and procedures developed and maintained by various departments that are integrated under this management plan.

Documents: Contact department manager for their specific departmental plan

Primary responsibility for emergency planning and incident management is with the Incident Management Team (IMT).  The IMT is a cross-departmental team of senior managers representing core administrative, academic, and research functions that support the entire MBL organization. 

Contact Marie Russell, Director of Facilities and Services, 508-289-7641, mrussell@mbl.edu with any questions related to the MBL emergency program.