Division of Research

The Marine Biological Laboratory is a world-renowned scientific institution, and scientists and students come to the MBL throughout the year to pursue research and education in diverse areas of fundamental biological discovery.

The Division of Research encompasses all research programs at the Laboratory, including the development and management of research services, research budgets, the assignment of research space, the disbursement of research awards and fellowships, training and education for the responsible conduct of scientific research, IACUC, IRB, and guidance for graduate and postdoctoral trainees.

The Division also works closely with the Office of the President/Director to develop new strategic research initiatives and to manage all faculty appointments, promotions, and mentoring.

Research at the MBL is conducted by:

These scientists, together with MBL courses faculty, comprise over 500 scientists who convene in Woods Hole to utilize the unique resources and environment at the MBL, with a strategic focus on the oceans, marine organisms, and the science of global climate change.  Specific themes include:

  • new discoveries emerging from the study of novel marine organisms, encompassing research in regenerative biology, neuroscience, sensory physiology, and comparative evolution and genomics;
  • the study of microbiomes and microbial diversity and ecology in a variety of ocean and terrestrial habitats;
  • cutting-edge imaging and computation, illuminating cellular function and previously unknown biology; and
  • organismal adaptation and resilience in the face of global change and rapidly changing ecosystems.

The Division of Research is overseen by Director David Mark Welch. Current responsibilities include oversight and direction for: