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Ph.D., University of Virginia, Department of Environmental Sciences, 1986
B.S., University of Hawaii, Zoology and Mathematics, 1976
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I am an ecosystem biogeochemist interested in the interactions among carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and water cycles in ecosystems and in how those interactions constrain ecosystem responses to disturbance and to changes in carbon dioxide and climate. My work centers around ecosystem simulation models based on the resource optimization paradigm, the cycling of nutrients between soils and vegetation, and the inputs and losses of nutrients and water.  Much of my work has been centered around arctic ecosystems but also includes ecosystems ranging from prairies to forest, including tropical, temperate deciduous, temperate evergreen, and boreal forests.

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Senior Scientist and Director, The Ecosystems Center
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Selected Publications

Rastetter, E.B., M.D. Ohman, K.J. Elliott, J.S. Rehage, V.H. Rivera‐Monroy, R.E. Boucek, E. Castañeda‐Moya, T.M.Danielson, L Gough, P.M. Groffman, and C.R. Jackson, 2021. Time lags: insights from the US Long Term Ecological Research Network. Ecosphere, 12(5), p.e03431.

Rastetter, E., Griffin, K.L., Rowe, R.J., Gough, L., McLaren, J.R., Boelman, N.T. 2022. Model Responses to CO2 and Warming Are Underestimated without Explicit Representation of Arctic Small-Mammal Grazing, Ecological Applications 32(1), e02478

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Rastetter, E.B., B.L. Kwiatkowski, D.W. Kicklighter, A. Barker Plotkin, H. Genet, J. Nippert, K. O’Keefe, S.S. Perakis, S. Porder, S.S. Roley, R.W. Ruess, J.R. Thompson, W.R. Wieder, K. Wilcox, R.D. Yanai. 2022. N and P Constrain C in Ecosystems under Climate Change: Roles of Nutrient Redistribution, Accumulation and Stoichiometry. Ecological Applications e2684. Doi: 10.1002/eap.2684.