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Ph.D., University of Virginia, Department of Environmental Sciences, 1986
B.S., University of Hawaii, Zoology and Mathematics, 1976
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I am an ecosystem biogeochemist interested in the interactions among carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and water cycles in ecosystems and in how those interactions constrain ecosystem responses to disturbance and to changes in carbon dioxide and climate. My work centers around ecosystem simulation models based on the resource optimization paradigm, the cycling of nutrients between soils and vegetation, and the inputs and losses of nutrients and water.  Much of my work has been centered around arctic ecosystems but also includes ecosystems ranging from prairies to forest, including tropical, temperate deciduous, temperate evergreen, and boreal forests.

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Senior Scientist and Director, The Ecosystems Center
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Selected Publications

Rastetter, EB, GW Kling, GR Shaver, BC Crump, L Gough, and KL Griffin. 2021. Ecosystem Recovery from Disturbance Is Constrained by Element Cycle Openness, Vegetation-Soil Element Distribution, Form of Element Losses, and the Balance between Vegetation and Sol-Microbial Processes Ecosystems 24:667-685  https://doiorg/101007/s10021-020-00542-3

Rastetter, EB, and BL Kwiatkowski. 2020. An Approach to Modeling Resource Optimization for Substitutable and Interdependent Resources  Ecological Modelling 425 109033  DOI: 101016/jecolmodel2020109033

Rastetter, EB. 2017. Modeling for understanding v modeling for numbers Ecosystems 20:215-221

Rastetter , EB, and JJ Vallino. 2015. Ecosystem's 80th and the Reemergence of Emergence Ecosystems 18:735-739 DOI 101007/s10021-015-9893-6

Rastetter, E.B., R.D. Yanai, R.Q. Thomas, M.A. Vadeboncoeur, T.J. Fahey, M.C. Fisk, B.L. Kwiatkowski, and S.P. Hamburg. 2013. Recovery from disturbance requires resynchronization of ecosystem nutrient cycles.  Ecological Applications 23:621-642.