The Marine Biological Laboratory offers several research awards to financially support investigators in the Whitman Center. Awards are used to support research in diverse fields of biology such as cellular physiology, molecular biology, regenerative biology, ecology, neurobiology, evolution, developmental biology, and neuroetheology. Funds for these awards come from a variety of sources generously donated to the MBL.

2021 Whitman Center Fellows

Supporting Funds
Crawford, Karen
St. Mary's College of Maryland
Beyond Proof of Concept - using CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing in Doryteuthis pealii embryos to determine: 1) the role of ADAR1 and ADAR2 RNA editing enzymes, and 2) Homeobox gene function in development, morphology and behavior.
John M. Arnold Fellowship Research Awards
Munro, Edwin (Ed)
University of Chicago
"(1) Dynamics of gastrulation and neurulation in ascidians (2) Cortical Septin dynamics during polarization in early C. elegans embryos"
Nikon Fellowship
Moss, Anthony Gordon (Tony)
Auburn University
Establishing a standardized, reproducible system for the study of geotaxis and mood in ctenophores.
L. & A. Colwin Summer Research Fellowship
Fenton, Andre
New York University
Integrating across levels of biology to learn how memory is sustained
Fries Trust Research Awards, Hartline MacNichol Reasearch Awards, Great Generation Fund For Research
Zayas, Ricardo M.
San Diego State University
Functional analysis of the transcription factor COE in the regeneration of the nervous system of the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis
Lucy B. Lemann Quasi-Endowment Fund, Fries Trust Research Awards
Acosta, Veronica Giselle
University of the Incarnate Word
Photoreception in an aquatic annelid, Lumbriculus variegatus
L. & A. Colwin Summer Research Fellowship
Veenstra, Gert Jan C
Radboud University
Evolution and development of cardiac cell types
Hartline MacNichol Reasearch Awards
Udvadia, Ava J
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Elucidating evolutionarily conserved mechanisms regulating successful optic nerve regeneration in vertebrate species
Hartline MacNichol Reasearch Awards
Boudreau, Vincent
University of California: Berkeley
"Stentor pyriformis: a novel cell biological model for uncovering evolutionary mechanisms of photosynthetic activity regulation"
L. & A. Colwin Summer Research Fellowship
Watson, Fiona
Washington and Lee University
Optic Nerve Regeneration
L. & A. Colwin Summer Research Fellowship
Wardill, Trevor J
University of Minnesota: Twin Cities
Encoding 3D space in the cephalopod brain
Frank R. Lillie Quasi-Endowment Fund, The Fishbach Research Fellowship Endowment, L. & A. Colwin Summer Research Fellowship
Sharma, Indu
Hampton University
The role of bacterial size and shape on protist grazing
Ernest E. Just Endowed Research Fellowship, Linton Strategic Gift
Morfini, Gerardo Andres
University of Illinois at Chicago
Axon-specific effects of neuropathogenic proteins on kinase-based signaling and organelle motility.
The Fishbach Research Fellowship Endowment, James & Faith Miller Research Awards Endowment
Wilbanks, Elizabeth G (Lizzy)
University of California: Santa Barbara
Biogeography of rapid evolution in bacterial symbiosis: the pink berries revisited
Hartline MacNichol Reasearch Awards, Elisabet Samuelsson Quasi-Endowment, Lucy B. Lemann Quasi-Endowment Fund
Herbert, Amy Louise
Stanford University
Sea robins as a model for the genetic basis of evolutionary trait gain
Spiegel Research Awards Fund, Kuffler Research Awards
Zakas, Christina
North Carolina State University
Finding the genetic basis of developmental evolution
Fries Trust Research Awards