All individuals performing research at the MBL on vertebrate animals are required to obtain approval from the MBL Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. The lead PI on the project should fill out the appropriate form (initial or renewal) and submit the protocol by emailing the completed form to iacuc@mbl.edu. All IACUC applications must be submitted 6 weeks in advance of first use to ensure approval prior to experimentation.

IACUC Information:



  • Training Module: General



  • Robert W. Elwood, Mirjam Appel. 2008. Pain experience in hermit crabs? Animal Behaviour 77:1243-1246 (PDF)
  • Janicke Nordgreen et al. 2009. Thermonociception in fish: Effects of two different doses of morphine on thermal threshold and post-test behaviour in goldfish (Carassius auratus). Applied Animal Behaviour Science, In Press. (PDF)

Please return all completed forms to:
IACUC Recording Secretary
Email: IACUC@mbl.edu