The Semester in Environmental Science is a 15-week fall semester at the Ecosystems Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. The curriculum provides an intensive field and laboratory-based introduction to ecosystem science and the biogeochemistry of coastal forests, freshwater ponds and estuaries.

Why Study at MBL?

  • To connect with the world-class Woods Hole scientific community
  • To deepen your knowledge about global change and the complex feedbacks and unexpected consequences of human impacts on the planet
  • To learn science by doing it—gaining experience in field and lab research
  • To meet inspiring and like-minded student colleagues
  • To get wet and muddy, have fun, and work hard!

News and Events

Join MBL Ecosystems Center scientists as they explore critical problems in environmental science and learn more about the SES program, connect with faculty, and hear from SES alumni. Lunch & Learn webinars are free and open to the public. Click here to view recorded webinars!

Reflections from an SES alum:

“SES got me a job opportunity in my desired field directly out of college. The agricultural research I conducted as part of the program taught me techniques for sampling, sharing data, and integrating my work with an independent agricultural research organization – The Hudson Carbon Project. This relationship evolved into a unique and fulfilling full time job.

I look back to past SES labs and data analysis for direct insight into the experimental design I work with today. SES enabled me to develop relevant scientific skills, form incredible friendships, and explore an oceanic landscape. There are incredible opportunities awaiting students who challenge themselves in the SES program.”

Mike Howard (SES Class of 2018, Clarkson University 2019)