devil's lane cottage

Capacity: 23, 2-bedroom cottages, sleeps 4 or 6 (with loft)

Features: full kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining area, 2 bedrooms on main floor, loft sleeps 2, outdoor clothesline, off-street parking for 1 car, small number of pet-approved cottages available

Trash and Recycling:

  • Trash is collected from provided trash barrels on Monday mornings on the street.
  • The blue recycling bins are collected every other week. 
  • Please do not put trash out for collection until Monday morning.
  • Once trash and recycles have been collected, please return empty barrels and bins to their place alongside your cottage.


  • Outside fires are not permitted.

Semi-permanent structures:

  • No tents, doghouses, or other semi-permanent structures may be erected.


  • Registration / approval of a pet shall be for the current term of the tenant’s housing agreement and must be renewed each time a tenant’s lease is renewed or extended. Failure to register will result in MBL requiring the removal of the pet within three (3) days.
  • The Municipal Code of the Town of Falmouth requires that all dog owners who are tenants of the Town of Falmouth for more than fifteen (15) days comply with all annual pet licensing requirements, including the fact that all dogs must be vaccinated for rabies at six (6) months of age and every three years thereafter, or more frequently if deemed necessary by the veterinarian. All pet owners in Campus housing must comply with this and any other state or local regulation regarding pets.
  • No tenant shall have more than two pets at any given time.
  • Pet owners must control their pets at all times. 
  • All pets must be on a leash or in a carrier when on MBL property outside of the Tenant’s unit.
  • Pet’s must wear identification collars and rabies tags at all times.
  • Tenants are responsible for keeping pets contained when staff need to enter residence for improvements/repairs
  • Tenant will be responsible for any and all damage repair/replacement costs to the apartment space beyond those of normal wear and tear.
  • All liability for the actions of the pets (bites, scratches, etc) is the responsibility of the owner.  MBL suggests that pet owners obtain liability insurance relating to their pets.  Tenants agree to promptly and regularly perform the following with respect to having a pet in MBL housing
  • Keep premises clean of any pet odors, insect infestations, pet feces, urine, waste and litter
  • Prevent the pet from gnawing, chewing, scratching, or otherwise defacing the doors, walls, windows, and floor coverings of the unit, landscaping, and shrubs. 
  • Immediately clean up and appropriately dispose of any feces, waste, and litter deposited by tenant’s pet on the common grounds, shrubs, flower beds, sidewalks, accessways, parking lots, and streets of the facility.
  • Comply with any and all laws in connection with their housing and ownership of all pets.


  • Unlicensed motorbikes and go-carts are prohibited in the cottage areas.


  • The MBL does not expect to have a problem with the coyotes in the area but, if encountered, they should be left completely alone.  Their food sources are small animals, insects, and berries but they also hunt small pets and get into household trash. Please keep your trash enclosed in bins and if possible, keep your small pet inside or within view.

Other features: credit-card operated laundry facilities located in the Pilot House at the Memorial Circle cottages, tennis courts, bike path to MBL campus.