Mission Statement:

The MBL’s core mission is to convene individuals from around the world to learn about science and carry out research together. The success of this mission critically depends upon the diversity of individuals at the MBL and their respective ideals. To achieve excellence the MBL must provide an equitable, safe, and inclusive environment that actively values the diverse contributions and competing perspectives of every member of our community.


The MBL Diversity and Inclusion Committee advises the Director on diversity, equity and inclusion issues related to campus climate, programming, policy, and other areas. The Committee is composed of a cross section of MBL faculty and staff and reports to the Director.

The MBL Diversity and Inclusion Committee:

  • Assesses the current diversity and inclusion climate on campus, and advises the MBL administration on initiatives to improve our community.
  • Provides feedback to MBL leadership on continuing revisions of institutional policies to prevent inequities or harassment based on who people are.
  • Develops and implements programming and activities (including training and workshops, social events, etc.) that foster greater understanding of the issues that affect minoritized and marginalized individuals.
  • Partners with other local institutions through the Woods Hole Diversity Initiative to create a welcoming environment for everyone in the community.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for us, please feel free to reach out directly to any member on the MBL Diversity and Inclusion Committee or email MBLDiversityCommittee@mbl.edu.

David Mark Welch (Chair – MBL; Bay Paul Center)
*Scott Bennett (MBL; Education)
Briana Bertochi (MBL; Research Administrator)
Ashley Bolbrock (MBL; Development)
Courtney Buckley (MBL; Human Resources)
David Burgess (Whitman Scientist; Boston College)
Bailey Fallon (MBL; Research Assistant)
Cheri Gherst (MBL; Education)
Linda Hyman (MBL; Education)
Diana Kenney (MBL; Communications)
Jim McIlvain (Carl Zeiss)
Jennifer Morgan (MBL; Bell Center)
Sonya Nemes (MBL; Research Assistant)
Matthew Person (MBL; Library)
Cristina Roman-Vendrell (MBL; Postdoc)
Ann Sweck (MBL; Human Resources)
Anne W. Sylvester (MBL; Director of Research)
*Suzanne Thomas (MBL Ecosystems)
Clare Waterman (NIH, Whitman Scientist)

*MBL representatives on the Woods Hole Diversity Advisory Committee (WHDAC)