MBL Leadership


The Marine Biological Laboratory’s leadership team establishes the strategic vision for the MBL, manages all aspects of the MBL environment and strategy, leverages our affiliation relationship with the University of Chicago, and provides the resources needed to achieve our mission in research and education.

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Officers & Trustees

Chair of the Board of Trustees
Robert J. Zimmer, University of Chicago

Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees
Saul J. Pannell, Boston, MA

Secretary of the MBL Corporation
Katie Callow-Wright, University of Chicago

Nipam Patel, Marine Biological Laboratory

Mary S. Harrington, Marine Biological Laboratory

Chief Advancement Officer
Sebastien T. Laye, Marine Biological Laboratory

Chief Operating Officer
Paul E. Speer, Marine Biological Laboratory

Robert H. Ament, Esq., Ament Klauer LLP
Daniel A. Diermeier, The University of Chicago
David B. Fithian, The University of Chicago
Margaret J. Fofonoff, Art Lab LLC
L. Patrick Gage, Engage Biotech Consulting
James N. Galloway, The University of Virginia
David A. Greene, Colby College
Avram Hershko, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
H. David Hibbitt, Bristol, RI
William I. Huyett, Cyclerion
Constance T. Keller, Chicago, IL
Christopher G. Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, Inc.
Ethan A. Lerner, Massachusetts General Hospital
John W. McCarter, Jr., Northfield, IL
Saul J. Pannell, Boston, MA
William T. Speck, New York, NY
Samme L. Thompson, Telit Associates, Inc.
Dyann F. Wirth, Harvard University
Robert J. Zimmer, The University of Chicago

As of July 1, 2019

MBL Bylaws as of April 4, 2019
MBL Trustee Committees
Emeriti Trustees
Board of Trustees Conflict of Interest Policy

About the Director

Division Leadership


David Mark Welch
Director, Division of Research
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Linda Hyman
Burroughs Wellcome Director of Education
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Paul Speer
Chief Operating Officer
Email Paul Speer

Senior Administration

Adam Carter
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration

Alison Crawford
Chief of Staff

Ann Egan
Director, Human Resources

Mary S. Harrington
Director, Finance

Gina Hebert
Director, Communications

Scott Koerner
Director, Information Technology

Sebastien Laye
Chief Advancement Officer

Linda Hyman
Burroughs Wellcome Director of Education

David Mark Welch
Director, Division of Research

Marie Russell
Director, Facilities and Services

Paul Speer
Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Walton
Director, Library Services
Co-Director, MBLWHOI Library