New Publications: December 2021

Every month, research from MBL scientists and affiliates is published in academic journals across the globe. In December 2021, nine new studies were published. MBL-affiliated authors are in bold.

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December 2021

Amaral-Zettler, L. A. (2021). Latitudinal Diversity Gradients (LDGS) and Macroalgal Microbiomes: A Chimera of Biotic and ABiotic Effects? Journal of Phycology.

Criswell, K. E., Roberts, L. E., Koo, E. T., Head, J. J., & Gillis, J. A. (2021). hox gene expression predicts tetrapod-like axial regionalization in the skate, Leucoraja erinacea. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Echeverri, K., & Kyba, M. (2021). Editorial overview - Differentiation: the driver of development Karen Echeverri and Michael Kyba. Current Opinion in Cell Biology.

Grearson A.G., Dugan A., Sakmar T., Sivitilli D.M., Gire D.H., Caldwell R.L., Niell C.M., Dölen G., Wang Z.Y. and Grasse B. (2021) The Lesser Pacific Striped Octopus, Octopus chierchiae: An Emerging Laboratory Model. Frontiers in Marine Science. Doi: 10.3389/fmars.2021.753483

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Klein, S., Frazier, V., Readdean, T., Lucas, E., Diaz-Jimenez, E. P., Sogin, M., Ruff, E. S., & Echeverri, K. (2021). Common Environmental Pollutants Negatively Affect Development and Regeneration in the Sea Anemone Nematostella vectensis Holobiont. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution.

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Mayorova, T. D., Hammar, K., Jung, J. H., Aronova, M. A., Zhang, G., Winters, C. A., Reese, T. S., & Smith, C. L. (2021). Placozoan fiber cells: mediators of innate immunity and participants in wound healing. Sci Rep, 11(1), 23343.

Pinna, C. S., Vilbert,M., Borensztajn, S.,  Daney de Marcillac, W.,  Piron-Prunier, F., Pomerantz, A., Patel N.H., Berthier, S., Andraud, C., Gomez, D., & Elias M. (2021). Mimicry can drive convergence in structural and light transmission features of transparent wings in Lepidoptera. eLife.

Ponz-Segrelles, G., Ribeiro, R. P., & Aguado, M. T. (2021). Monsters reveal patterns: bifurcated annelids and their implications for the study of development and evolution. Biological Reviews.

Xie, L., Liu, X., Caratenuto, A., Tian, Y., Chen, F., DeGiorgis, J. A., Wan, Y., & Zheng, Y. (2021). Environmentally Friendly and Efficient Hornet Nest Envelope-Based Photothermal Absorbers. ACS OMEGA.

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