Marine Biological Laboratory Policy Manual

About the MBL Policy Manual:

This manual provides MBL staff with the guiding policy documents for many areas of the Marine Biological Laboratory. While every attempt is made to keep this manual up to date, all policies, procedures, and practices are subject to periodic review, modification, deletion or replacement. This manual is to be considered informational only. It is not intended to create any express or implied contractual or other legal rights.

If you have questions about specific policies, please contact the office referred to at the end of each policy for full, current policy statements and clarifications.

Many of the policies listed below are being updated.

Table of Contents

A.1 Director’s Office

A.2 EEO Policies

B.1 Environmental, Health, and Safety

B.1.1 Safety Shoe Allowance
See the MBL Environmental Health and Safety Pages

C.1 External Affairs

C.2 Communications office

D.1 Facilities, Services, and Projects

D.2 Transportation Services & Grounds

D.3 Plant Operations and Maintenance

E.1 Financial Services

See the MBL intranet for Financial Services policies.

F.1 Housing, Conference, Switchboard

G.1 Human Resources

G.2 Contract between the Hospital Workers Union and the MBL

H.1 Library

H.2 Information Technology

J.1 Marine Resources

K.1 Offices of Research and Education