MBLAlert: Emergency Notification System

MBLAlert is the Laboratory’s high-speed, automated emergency notification system. Students, faculty, visiting researchers and staff registered in the MBL One Card system are automatically enrolled in the MBLAlert system. In an emergency that requires immediate action from our community, authorized personnel will use MBLAlert to send MBL community members short messages via email, SMS text messages and/or automated phone calls to provide vital information quickly. For additional information, please see the FAQs below.

How does it work?

In an emergency, authorized personnel enter a short message into the MBLAlert system. That message is then distributed via email, SMS text messages and/or automated phone calls to every member of the MBL community who has registered their contact information in the MBL One Card system. MBLAlert is an important supplement to other forms of emergency notification, such as building fire alarms.

What Sort of Event Might Trigger an MBLAlert?

Any imminent or ongoing threat to the lives and safety of members of the MBL community might be the occasion for sending an MBLAlert. That could include criminal activity, such as a gunman on campus. It could include localized hazards, such as a chemical spill or building collapse. It could also include broader threats, such as severe weather or a terrorist attack.  Depending on the timing and severity of the event, different communication channels within MBLAlert may be used to deliver the message.  Less urgent advisories may be handled through Intranet announcements, meetings, or other non-MBLAlert communications tailored to the particular situation.

Who Is Eligible and Enrolled?

Students, faculty, visiting researchers and staff registered in the MBL One Card system are automatically enrolled in the MBLAlert system. Conference attendees, corporation members, trustees and network only users are not enrolled in MBLAlert unless they are also in the MBL One Card system with an additional eligible role.

How Do I Review My Contact Information?

MBLAlert can reach multiple email accounts and devices for each user, including personal email, MBL email, office telephones, and/or cell phones through both voice and/or text messages.  To review your contact information, use the MyMBLCard web page (https://mymblcard.mbl.edu).

What Do I Do When I Receive an MBLAlert Message?

Each MBLAlert message will include brief instructions on what actions to take. Please listen or read carefully and take those steps as soon as possible. MBLAlert may also ask a user to confirm receipt of a message, with a reply that takes only a few keystrokes or the push of a button. A user need only confirm receipt once.

How Do I Know It Is Safe To Open an MBLAlert Email?

MBLAlert email messages are safe, simple, text-only messages. Most email systems will show the sender as “MBL Alert.” If your system shows you the full return address of the sender, it will include the domain “everbridge.net” — either way it appears, that message is safe and important for you to read.

Where Can I Get More Information In An Emergency?

The most efficient and complete source of information in most cases will be the MBL’s emergency website, https://emergency.mbl.edu. In some cases, MBL social media channels may also be used. Misinformation is a significant risk and potential source of trouble in any fast-developing situation, so we urge the MBL community to rely on official MBL-generated information.

Will There Be Tests of The MBLAlert System?

The MBLAlert system will be tested periodically.

What if I no longer wish to receive MBLAlerts?

Participating in the MBLAlert system is mandatory for all MBL students, faculty, visiting researchers and staff.

I Am No Longer Affiliated With The MBL, Why Do I Still Receive MBLAlert Messages?

Once your affiliation with the MBL ceases, your account MBL One Card account is closed and your contact information will be removed from MBLAlert within 7 days.  If you still receive alerts after this, please contact mblalert@mbl.edu so we may further assist you.

What If I Have Other Questions About The MBLAlert System?

You may send an email to mblalert@mbl.edu if you have other questions or need further assistance.