Mysterious Microbes in Earth's Crust May Help with Climate Crisis | Scientific American

MBL Postdoctoral Scientist Sherlynette Pérez Castro provided the voiceover for the Spanish version of this video, and MBL colleagues Mayra Sánchez García and Juan Felipe Díaz Quiroz worked with Pérez Castro on the translation.

MBL's Sherlynette Pérez Castro may have a future in voiceovers!

Pérez Castro, a postdoctoral scientist in Zoe Cardon's lab, was invited to provide English-to-Spanish translation and narration for a video on microbes that Voyager was producing for publication in Scientific American. She recruited help with the translation from MBL's Mayra Sánchez-García (research assistant in Loretta Roberson's Lab) and Juan Felipe Díaz Quiroz (research scientist in Joshua Rosenthal's lab). And then Pérez Castro delivered the voiceover like a pro!

Pérez Castro is a microbial ecologist who formerly worked in Emil Ruff's lab at the MBL on deep-sea microbes and now studies plant-associated soil microbes in the Cardon lab. The video accompanies a Scientific American article that highlights the work of principal investigators Karen Lloyd of University of Tennessee and Peter Barry of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Here's the Spanish version of the video, followed by the English version:

Remote video URL
Remote video URL